“My pictures emerge from the passion, the overwhelming insatiable desire, to visualize moods, feelings and elusive moments and to make them imperishable”  

Photography poses the ideal medium to communicate things the way i consider it important. In doing so photography is only of interest to me in the emotionally artistic aspect; as a mere means of documentation it is rather uninteresting.

My pictures are supposed to touch, captivate, fascinate and shock the viewer, …, maybe even to inspire. 

 I do not know whether or not my pictures are good. I myself have got high expectations on what i am doing and on my professionalism. For me, a picture is good, if it has “power” and if it radiates “spirit  and atmosphere”, imprints it on the observer and lets him/her participate in it. Has this goal been reached perfectly, than photography, in my opinion, really is art.

 It is impossible to generate great pictures without the intensive participation of my models. They therefore deserve the greatest gratitude and appreciation.  

Ben   Marcato